Just Saying

My Southern friends wonder if I live in an Igloo. Yes I live in an igloo. Would you like to get instructions on how you can build one too? Just send me a SASE with $500 dollars in it and I will send you a snow saw and the instructions promptly. CH

"Do you really need 500 horsepower to push 1 human down the street when all you really need is 475." CH

"Can you imagine what a wagon with 500 horses pulling it would look like? Just all horse really." CH

"I'm much to old to waste time in the corners" CH

"I am the real wrapman." CH

"Just the other day I thought I lost my iPhone. At that moment my life flashed before my eyes."CH

"A flooded New York city is a reality check in global warming. Other coastal cities should take heed." CH

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